Andrew Barbosa

With close to 20 years on a skateboard and over a decade of Skateboard coaching experience, Andrew founded SD Skatelife in 2013. As CEO and program director, Andrew is the heart and soul of SD Skatelife. To book a private lesson with Andrew, inquire below.


Hurvey Haskins

Hurvey has a been a force in the skateboard and snowboard industry for 15 years and has been instructing students in the art of the shred for close to two decades. To book a private lesson with Hurvey, see below. 


Mike Brown

As lead instructor and staff photographer, Mike is responsible for teaching camps, classes, and private lessons as well as capturing the skills and tricks achieved by his students. To book a private lesson or photo shoot with Mike, follow the links below. 




Deno Lampkin

Deno joined SD Skatelife in 2014 as a lead instructor. He currently owns and operates Ethinik Skateboards and uses his brand to help promote skateboarding worldwide. To book a private lesson with Deno, see below.